How To Quickly Drain Your Laptop Battery

How To Quickly Drain Your Laptop Battery; We speak a lot about ways to extend the battery life of your laptop around here. But what about those times when you need to swiftly drain all the juice from your laptop, such as before you put it away for a while? Here’s how to go about it.

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How to Drain Your Laptop’s Battery

Conserving your laptop’s battery is tough. Draining it out so you can store your laptop away is easy—and fun, as it turns out. Pop some popcorn and get going:

  1. Turn your laptop on and make sure it is unplugged from any power source.
  2. Nothing drains your battery faster than a lovely, bright screen. Navigate to your laptop’s settings and raise the brightness all the way up.
  3. Turn on your WiFi and open up an internet connection. Leave something that auto-refreshes open in a browser window, like sports scores. And if your computer is equipped with Bluetooth, turn that function on, too.
  4. Open up a few other applications to run in the background. Running several apps at once is sure to kill your battery quickly.
  5. Plug in a few power-draining devices via USB. Grab your optical mouse, flash drive, and that keyboard vacuum.
  6. Finally, insert a DVD into your laptop’s drive and press the play button. Relax while you watch the movie, knowing that your laptop battery will be depleted in less than an hour.

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