3 Ways To Safely Buy UK Used Laptops In Nigeria

What is the best practice before buying a UK used laptop ?

We have 3 rules that we advise customers before they make purchases for UK used laptops. I’ll list them in this post & explain why they are so important for your satisfaction at the end of the day.

  1. Know the brand
  2. Know the budget
  3. Know the store.

For the sake of this piece we’ll call them the 3 Knows

  1. Know the brand – There are hundreds of laptop brands out there and these can be overwhelming. As a store we display as many different brands as possible to suit our customers unique needs, the down side for you is this, you walk into the store and our show room hits you with as many brands as possible, what happens next is you get confused, sometimes frustrated because as you are selecting one nice laptop, another brand is telling you “pick me”. Before you leave your apartment before walking into Gigabyte computer solutions Taiwo, please have 2 brands in mind (max) let it be that it’s our fault your brand’s aren’t available. What this does is it boosts your shopping experience making you leave fulfiled having made the right purchase.
  2. Know the budget – if you are a frequent buyer at Gigabyte then you’ll be familiar with the phrase ” How much laptop do you want to buy” . Why we as this is we respect your time & don’t want to abuse it. It’ll be a terrible experience if your budget for a UK used laptop is 130k and we are taking you to the 60k section. So before you come down to Gigabyte store, have a budget range in mind & don’t be shy to say it. We will never give you a bad deal at Gigabyte Computer Solutions
  3. Know the store – This should be number one but, not bad as the final point. You have to do enough background checks on the store you are buying your UK used laptops from first before stepping feet into it or ordering from then online.

Be sure the store doesn’t sell Nigerian used laptops posed as UK used.

Be sure the store doesn’t sell bad units to you.

Be sure the store doesn’t sell stolen laptops.

Be sure the store gives you warranty no matter how small

Be sure the store has a decent about of social media footprint.

If all these can be looked into & you feel certain that they deserve your money, feel free to walk into such stores. For us at Gigabyte, we offer these things listed above and more.

What Laptop do you want to buy? Comment or contact us via WhatsApp, we are always willing to attend to you.

+234 803 253 4292.

Gigabyte Computer Solutions is located at Ibrahim Taiwo road, directly opposite MTN office, Ilorin Kwara state.

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