Buying A London Used Laptop From The Wrong Store – What we’ve heard

When people walk into gigabyte for the first time we hear testimonies like

“the last one I got from another store didn’t last 3 months”

“after sale service of the previous store i got my current London used laptop was so poor”

The testimonies go on and on, but the Gigabyte computer solutions team has been trained to not see these concerned raised by customers as a threat, but as a drive to ensure that we give them the best so they don’t go somewhere else to complain, but they come back here, to gigabyte for a laptop upgrade when the time is due.


Gadgets have the tendency to malfunction, and London used laptops aren’t left out, though there’s this unwritten myth that your London / UK used laptop has a higher risk of malfunctioning than a brand new Laptop, we at Gigabyte we have been able to ensure that all our products are tested from our suppliers before we display them on the shelves.

Here’s a shocker! The owner of Gigabyte is a PC repairer with over 10 years experience so you should be assured that he does have a keen eye for good quality products. Here are a few questions you can ask before leaving the store with your London used Laptop.

  1. Has it been tested by the store ?
  2. Does it get hot fast? If it does, ask them to clean the PC fan or give you another unit
  3. What’s the battery capacity? Observe the drain speed if it’s too fast, ask for a replacement battery.
  4. Ask about the charging port, that is one area that can give issues.

There are many other questions you can raise about UK used laptops & when buying them, but we advise you make your purchase from a credible store with good customer relations, something Gigabyte computer solutions stands for.

If you are interested in buying a laptop from us, click here

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