Dell XPS 12 – Tablet Like Yet Super Fast

A distinct approach to the rotating-screen convertible laptop/tablet is demonstrated by the XPS 12. The Dell XPS 12 is a touch-screen convertible with several screen orientations that is light, strong, and very ingeniously constructed.

Dell XPS 12 - Tablet Like Yet Super Fast
Dell XPS 12 – Tablet Like Yet Super Fast

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The Dell XPS 12 convertible ultrabook is an improvement over a model with the same name that was previously reviewed. The system now has an Intel Core i5 processor from the fourth generation, giving the user hours more computing time.

Even while the design is still odd and distinctive, the improvements make it even more appealing.

Give it a physical test drive before purchasing, as the flip and tilt mechanism might not come naturally to many users. However, with a battery life of more than eight hours, we are beginning to see the appeal of the device, which functions as both a clamshell laptop and a slate tablet.

Dell XPS 12 - Tablet Like Yet Super Fast
Dell XPS 12 – Tablet Like Yet Super Fast


Unlike other contemporary XPS devices, which feature a combination of brushed aluminium and dark carbon fibre, the XPS 12 foregoes the flashy metal in favour of a more subtle black-on-black appearance. On the bottom is a magnetic dock connection for connecting one of Dell’s two keyboard alternatives. Overall, the boxy design seems pretty sturdy, and I like that there’s a capacitive touch Windows button on the bottom.


The XPS 12’s dual speakers, hidden behind holes on the top edge of the chassis, pushed out a gratifying level of loudness but struggled to reproduce some low and mid tones.


With a 1.1-GHz Intel Core m5-6Y75 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD, the XPS 12 struggled to keep up with quicker detachable from Microsoft and HP (especially when it came to storage speed). Despite having a large spreadsheet and 10 tabs open in Edge, the XPS 12 streamed a 1080p video from YouTube with no lag.

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