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Laptop batteries are not meant to last forever, like every other battery in the world, a time will come when they will run out and need replacements.

One major issue we hear from customers is buying replacement batteries that are far worse than the ones they were previously using. It’s always unbearable spending so much money on a battery just for it to give in after a month or two.

While the life span of a battery is dependent on how the battery is used by the owner.

Activities like plugging in & using the laptop for heavy work has proven to affect the life span of a replacement battery, it is unfortunate that there are a lot of bad units of these batteries sold out there.

At Gigabyte computer solutions Ilorin, we sell “follow come” – Brand new batteries at our store in Ilorin.

Laptop batteries available in our store today. Order now.

E6420 N9,000

Latitude E5520 N9,000

U.BOSS 6535B N8,000

Hppv15 N8000

5010 N8,000

HS04 N9,000

OA04 N8,500

Get affordable London used laptops with 3 months warranty.

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