Step-by-step guide on how to unfreeze your laptop

When your computer freezes, it can be extremely frustrating. Even if you only use your computer for recreation or leisure, it can disrupt your productivity, disrupt your activities, and cause you to waste valuable time rebooting and reopening all of your programs. However, computer freezes do not have to be as inconvenient. Gigabyte computer solutions can assist you in resolving computer issues so you can get back to doing what you enjoy.

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To begin, restart your computer.

Unfreezing your computer is the first step in getting it to stop freezing. If you get a blue error screen, your computer should restart itself. If your computer freezes but still allows you to use the restart menu, you should choose this option because it is the safest for your computer. If you are unable to do so, press CTRL+ALT+DEL to bring up the lock screen, from which you can reboot safely.

Hold On, your laptop is catching up

If you’re performing a particularly CPU-intensive task, things may hang for a brief moment, leading you to believe your laptop is permanently frozen when it isn’t. Allow your computer a few minutes to catch up and finish what it’s doing if it appears to have completely locked up.

You’d be surprised how often this works, especially if it’s a chance occurrence (and not a chronic problem). Certain actions can sometimes consume the computer’s available RAM, and it takes a second for the machine to clear these tasks. Everything should be fine after a few minutes as long as this isn’t common.

Let it cool, overheating is bad for your computer

Overheating is one of the most common causes of computer freezing. Your CPU (processor) can become extremely hot, especially if it is not functioning properly. Your computer should have a built-in fan to keep it cool while it runs, and if this is dirty or not working properly, your computer may be overheating. Your GPU (graphics processing unit) can also overheat.

Feel the bottom of the laptop or the back of the PC tower to see if it is hot when the computer starts freezing. If your computer feels hot to the touch, you should turn it off and thoroughly clean it.

You can use canned air to blow out the dust, particularly around the fan. If you do all of this and it still overheats, it could be a problem with the processor or the fan.

You can also use software tools like SpeedFan to determine whether the computer is overheating or whether voltage fluctuations in the power supply are causing the freezing.

Kill offending programs

If Windows does not recover (or if it freezes again after recovery), it’s time to turn to an old friend: Ctrl + Alt + Delete is a keyboard shortcut. To see a list of running programs, press this key combination and select the Task Manager option from the resulting screen. Mac users can access a similar menu by pressing Command + Option + Escape.

Select them and click the End Task button if any of them are not responding. If you’re dealing with a single incident, that should suffice. As soon as you close the program, your operating system should return to attention, and you can restart it to continue working.

However, if your computer frequently freezes while that program is running, you may need to uninstall it and find an alternative. If the program is so demanding that it exhausts all available resources, you may need to upgrade your hardware.

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