3 Things You Do To Damage Your Laptop’s Battery

3 Things You Do To Damage Your Laptop’s Battery; Batteries are improving. Laptops can now last longer and handle more activity without running out of juice. However, batteries are not yet ideal.

Even if you have a great battery life per charge, there are only so many full charges per battery before the impressive cycles stop. Protecting the battery is one of the best ways to keep your entire laptop in good condition. So keep the following three things at bay:

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3 Things You Do To Damage Your Laptop's Battery
3 Things You Do To Damage Your Laptop’s Battery

A discharged battery

Don’t allow your battery charge to go below 20%.

The simplest way to accomplish this is to use many computers’ default battery-saving mode, which dims the screen and suggests you shut down a few programs. When your battery goes too near to 0%, you risk reducing its capacity (if you have an older laptop) or gradually lowering the anticipated number of full charging cycles your hardware has.

Always keep a spare power cord on hand. Get a backup battery pack that can charge both your laptop and your phone. There’s no assurance you’ll be near a power outlet when the notice arrives.

Extreme temperatures

Heat is harmful to every component of your computer, including the battery. Despite the fact that your laptop is named a laptop, keep it on a flat surface that does not obstruct the vents. Try not to leave it in your car.

Passive but high-activity programs

Computers have so much more capacity than they used to that it’s easy to overload them. However, if you have a lot of programs operating in the background, they will deplete your battery power. When you fold down your screen, sly programs do not even turn off. Uninstall everything that’s wasting your battery life, just like you have to clear every new PC of bloatware.

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