My Laptop Screen Is Blank What Should I Do?

My Laptop Screen Is Blank What Should I Do?; Is your computer randomly flashing to a blank screen during the day or displaying the dreaded black screen of death? Learn how to resolve the Windows black screen of death by reading on.

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My Laptop Screen Is Blank What Should I Do?

laptop battery problem

A laptop battery could make it difficult for the computer to start up and show anything on the screen. Even if you can fully charge the battery, it could still have a flaw that prevents the laptop from starting up. To rule out a potential battery issue, try the steps listed below.

The laptop’s power adapter should be disconnected.
Take away the laptop’s battery.

Detect display

Because Windows 10 will lose its connection with the display, a black screen could also occur. The video driver can be restarted and the connection to the monitor can be refreshed by pressing the Windows key along with the shortcut keys Ctrl, Shift, and B.

By simultaneously pressing the volume up and down buttons three times, you can wake the screen on some devices (like the Surface Pro 8) (quickly).

A beep and activity on the screen after you perform the wake action show that Windows 10 can respond to the command and is attempting to establish a new connection.

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As an alternative, you can also access the “Project” flyout menu by pressing the Windows key and P on your keyboard. Then press P once more, followed by Enter, to switch between display modes and see if the black screen goes away. (You must perform the steps again four times to enable cycling through all available modes.)

Press and hold the power button for roughly 10 seconds to turn off the device if the black screen persists. To restart, press the power button once more. (If you used this action while you had documents open, you risked losing any unsaved content.)

Disconnect all unnecessary devices.

The black screen during startup or the black screen with spinning dots could be caused by connected peripherals. Usually, spinning dots during startup means that an update is being installed, so please be patient. If it takes a long time, though, there might be a hardware compatibility issue.

Disconnecting the computer from all peripherals, such as printers, cameras, removable drives, Bluetooth, the docking station, and other USB devices, will help you solve this issue.

The issue is probably one of the peripherals once you unplug them, restart the computer, and see if everything goes back to normal. You isolate the problematic component by reconnecting each one one at a time until you locate it.

Adjust screen brightness

If only a portion of the image is visible, the laptop’s brightness is either too low or has been decreased by a power setting. Plug your laptop into the wall to make sure it’s not in power-saving mode. To make sure it is not the cause of your problem, try raising the laptop’s brightness next.

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