Should You Buy UK Used Laptop or New? – Read Before Buying

Should You Buy UK Used Laptop or New? – Read Before Buying

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So many people are so sceptical of buying Uk used laptops due to one or two problem they might have heard someone closer friend or relative went through with their purchased laptop. In this article we want to clear your doubt regarding buying Uk used laptops or not, after reading this post you should be able to make the right decisions.

Note that we will try to make this post short and straight to the point.

Somehow new has always been the best choice for every product one wishes to buy but does this apply to buying Uk used laptops which is popularly known as buying fairly used or London used laptops in Nigeria? Find out below.

Difference Between UK Used Laptops And New in Nigeria

what are the differences between the UK used and brand new?

Somewhere in the US and Uk, there are means where you can buy laptops directly from schools and industry including private sectors and individuals who wish to sell their laptops for a cheaper price. The good thing is that some of these laptops are faultless however there are several reasons why people or industries would want to sell the laptops and one is if buying from schools, company or private sectors it may likely be they have a change of their computers whereas their laptops got updated as it usually is in the US and K mostly. how about when buying from individuals? US or UK citizens would likely sell off their previous laptops when they get a gifted brand new or bought another and found the previous one useless as they wouldn’t want to bug their house with an old laptop, the best option for some could be to spell it out.

This is the method Nigeria UK and America used laptop dealers to get their stock. Your local dealer here in Nigeria is not the main source for the laptops there in the UK though they may go there to purchase and import inform sales, there are companies that specialized in purchasing of those items there and their work is resold to someone the dealers you see here in Nigeria. Now let’s head dealer to the reasons why some laptops may be bad for the Nigerian market or you may regret buying a foreign used laptop.

How the UK Used Laptops Enter Into Nigeria

The lifestyle of white people is quite a little different from ours and the only difference here is the good economy there and how bad the story becomes in Nigeria here. Right there in the US is the UK they gat no time for fixing bad laptops. someone may like to sell off or throw away a laptop because the charger or bad or because the fan inside got faulty. But that doesn’t story in an undeveloped country with a bad economy like Nigeria. in our own story the buyers of this laptop there in the Uk or Us would go with any bad laptop from individuals and sell them to importers then the importers get it fixed and then sell it. With some bad engineers here and how much more bad the laptop was may have a managing job done on such a laptop so the importer can have it sold out. Here comes the problem is purchase such laptops, you going to definitely turn an engineer friend soon as possible. The good thing is that if a laptop was purchase from a company or industries that want to have a replacement on their systems you will definitely love buying the UK used laptop cause you going to enjoy it to the fullest. There is another bad news, most importers of this days don’t even go to US or UK to purchase some claimed UK and used laptops, they try to avoid the expenses and cost of items by going with the quickest way which was buying from Dubai or China. Now, this is another huge problem because laptops from Dubai always looks neat and of most a recent model. The story behind this neatness and recent model is that most of them are repaint which means they get sprayed again to look new or neat. The main problem is they are mostly refurbished, in fact, a good name for them are cloned product. They look exactly but isn’t the main company that produced them which make it a copy of the original. If getting this kind of laptop luckily you may enjoy it however the chances that your system will not serve you is higher. So how can someone who wants to buy a foreign used laptop bypass this?

Is All Hope Lost In Buying A UK Used Laptops

Well, there is good news for you and every chance of buying a good laptop for yourself if you follow advice. Before we move on let’s quickly clear your doubt about buying a new laptop in Nigeria. If there is 500 new laptops in Nigeria 450 of them are clone and refurbished reason is that most importers import those Dubai laptops and sell them as brand new to novice and the chances of you finding out is so low even most dealers here in Nigeria don’t k ow they are been supplied clone and refurbished laptops.

How To Buy Good UK Used Laptops In Nigeria?

The solution of getting a laptop to serve you well still fall back to buying a used laptop which we will still recommend getting a good source for UK or America used. Don’t fall victim of cheap, because Shipping from the US or UK is not cheap and their products there always happened to be more expensive than Dubai and importer flight ticket there isn’t still cheap. Now that Nigeria is still on US bank list the only original source remains the UK and other European countries such as Germany.

Hope this clears your doubt? Well for those who may be advising you not to get UK used laptops, they are not doing you good reasons are because getting the original laptop which was directly from the original company is buying a UK used as UK government don’t attain fake product or take factory errors likely with any company.

How To Find The Reliable UK Used Laptops Dealer in Nigeria?

How do you find reliable UK used laptop dealers in Nigeria? a real dealer of UK used laptop would give you a warranty of 6months which means if the laptop gat issues you would likely return it and get a change or have it fix depending on warranty terms and conditions.

Before we bring the post to an end, note that even the original company sell a refurbished product but they must state it as refurbished. Over our years of business with the UK used laptops 85% Nigerians overview the work refurbished as fake, the fact here is that refurbished is not a fake product, it a product with factory error that was returned back to the company or early detected before the company before sales and then has it fix to correct errors, the company then sell it out cheaper price with the tag refurbished. The only problem here is that it changes or having those issues or errors or missing out on something is high.

Where To Buy the Quality UK Used Laptops In Nigeria?

Are you still contemplating what to do? Well, come to us to buy your direct UK used laptop and have 100% rest of mind.

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